Watch: Atilis Gym Owners Slapped with $134,463 in Fines, Fear Another Arrest is Imminent

BELLMAWR, NJ – Defiant New Jersey gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, owners of the Bellmawr based Atilis Gym were back in court today and received over $134,463 in fines.

“Governor Murphy once again gets his wishes in his home court with Judge Robert Lougy. Frank and I have once again been unable to speak and defend ourselves, we have once again been subject to a court over the telephone, and are now being fined over $15,000 per day. The police are once again coming to arrest us and construct a barricade in front of our building. We are not backing down,” Smith said.

From August 10th, the gym is to pay $15,497.73 per day for each day they are in operation in addition to having to pay $146,00 for violating the litigant’s (Murphy’s) rights.   They must also pay $10,481 to the Attorney General’s Office for their legal fees.

Smith said the state also ordered the gym to be permanently barricaded to stop the owners from continuing to open during the long-extended Murphy lockdown.   He also said he feels that he and his partner will be arrested again.

“We’ll be arrested for the second time for the serious crime of operating a business,” he said.

Smith cited a 1998 Supreme Court ruling that barred the government from charging excessive fines in cases such as this.

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