Bongino: Teacher’s Unions Don’t Give A Sh*t About Your Kids, NJEA Continues Back to School Battle


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TOMS RIVER, NJ – “Our educators’ lives are at stake.”

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino today warned parents that teacher’s unions across America no longer have the best interests of their students as their number one priority.

“The teacher’s unions don’t give a shit about your kids. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention. It’s time for parents nationwide to be given the choice to escape the teacher’s unions monopoly and choose education options for their kids that actually work,” Bongino said.

In New Jersey, the NJEA has been pushing for the state to rethink their back-to-school plan.

Last week the union testified before the NJ Assembly Health Committee and warned that when school returns, children post a deadly threat to their union rank and file.

“While children generally present with mild symptoms compared with adults, young children carry high viral loads, including some 100x that of adults, and children can be significant drivers of COVID-19 virus spread to the community; Children between the ages of 10 – 19 can spread COVID-19 at least as well as adults,” the union said.  “Our educators’ lives are at stake.”

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The NJEA said 1 in 4 teachers are at significant risk of serious illness if infected by COVID-19.

“Add in the countless Education Support Professionals and administrators that work in our schools and that number continues to rise. Our community members’ lives are at stake. The data are undeniable that COVID-19 more tragically impacts people of color and our 65+ population,” the union said.  “A Kaiser Family Foundation study indicates that there are 134,000 school-aged children living in the home with folks aged 65+ within the state of NJ.”

The NJEA doesn’t like the hybrid model presented by some school districts.

“As NJ school reopening plans are released, we are continually hearing of hybrid models where students rotate through a cycle of in-person and remote learning. This is of incredible concern,” the NJEA said.  “An epidemiologist from Harvard’s School of Public Health is quoted, the hybrid model is probably among the worst that we could be putting forward, if our goal is to stop the virus getting into schools.”

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