Red’s Trevor Bauer Is a True Sports Fan Hero as He Takes on the MLB Machine During COVID-19

CINCINNATI, OH – For many of us here in New Jersey, we’re always in a baseball bubble.  We’ve got the Yankees, Phillies and Mets and the average sports fan in our tri-state area really doesn’t even care if the other 27 teams even exist. They’re just there for our viewing pleasure. That’s just how it is.  It’s Jersey. It’s Philly. It’s New York, nothing else matters.

Except for this one guy in Cincinnati. This year, one man in baseball is bringing us all into the inner workings of MLB and we’re starting to kinda-sorta grow fond of him.  That’s Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher Trevor Bauer.  Bauer has done what Major League Baseball has worked very hard since 1994 to stop…allowing fans too much access and information about the inner workings of the league and the game itself.  Now, Bauer is being criticized by mega sports-agent Scott Boras and his fragile clients.  Twitter egos are getting bruised.

First, Bauer started a company called Watch Momentum and is now doing an inside-baseball vlog which brings fans behind the scenes of Major League Baseball like never before.   MLB has a track record of trying to control the content, control the message and control what gets behind the corporate walls of the megabusiness.   Now, Boras is upset that Bauer is crossing the unspoken line of MLB, talking about things we all shouldn’t be talking about.

Remember the days of “This Week In Baseball”?  As a kid we waited all week to see the other side of the game, that’s why it was such a huge success until the networks destroyed it.  Mel Allen and Ozzie Smith brought us into the game like nobody afterward was able to do.

In this case, what’s really going on with MLB and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Each vlog, Bauer brings fans into the stadium, into his apartment and allows us to follow him around and see what daily life as a Major League Baseball player is really like.

There’s just one problem.  Apparently, it’s a very huge problem.  Trevor is doing it on his own. MLB has no control or ownership of what he says and does and as the season grinds on, it’s becoming more apparent that he’s getting under people’s skin with his open and honest look into Major League Baseball. It’s not like it’s even bad.  It’s great. Sure, Bauer is opinionated sometimes, but the guy has brought sports coverage into a whole new realm that has never been done before.  Fans are loving it.

Did we mention…MLB has no stake in it?

Therein, apparently lies the problem, because when Boras whined about a comment Bauer made about one of his clients last week, it would have never aired had the league had anything to do with it.  Now, Boras looks like he’s trying to shut Bauer down.

Now, Kansas City Royals pitcher Trevor Bauer has begun a battle of the Trevors, complaining openly about Bauer’s new enteprise.

“Watch Momentum is a player-owned company. I co-founded it. I started it because no one was doing what I think is necessary to connect with baseball fans, especially young ones,” Bauer said. “If any player wants to utilize our services to grow their brand and connect more with fans. With that being said, the way I see things, we are pushing a much-needed culture change in baseball, encouraging young players to break the shut up and play mold, and showing that players can be.”

“It means if the goal is to bring more media coverage to/from MLB I don’t think starting a company that directly competes with player-owned platforms is the best starting point, Rosenthal bitched, like a baby.

So let’s set something straight, Kansas City Trevor.  We’ve been doing the media thing for 25 years here.  Major League Baseball media sucks. It’s overly controlled, keeps out the small papers and bloggers and really isn’t conducive to anything or anyone but Major League Baseball.   That’s why platforms like Barstool Sports are kicking ass.  America is tired of canned corporate press and that media strategy is just full of failure at the MLB level.

We don’t care just about who went 2-3 in a game with 5 rbi’s we want to know why that guy last night stared down the pitcher and what’s really on his mind.  That’s the heart and soul of baseball that MLB media has completely gutted.

Trevor is bringing that back.  Players who join up with Bauer are going to find success.  I can’t name a single player this year on the Cincinnati Reds, but I can surely tell you what the f’ck Trevor Bauer eats for dinner and how he works out and preps on game day.  Who the hell is Rosenthal?  You’re not pitching in New York, nobody cares either, because you’re doing what every other MLB player, except Trevor Bauer is doing.

Americans are tired of closed doors and corporate walls, like the one Rosenthal suggests. We want 2020, not 1994.

It’s bad enough we can’t take the family to a game, but now, Bauer is taking the game to the family.  Any player or franchise that wants to make it through COVID-19 should start copying his model immediately or sign up with Momentum.

As for Boras, Bauer isn’t afraid to say what we all have known since the mega-agent arrived on the shores of MLB.

“Scott Boras wants to shut my vlog down, is not a friend of the people or fans, is not a fan of players marketing themselves, is not a fan of marketing his players,” Bauer said. “PSA to all the players reading this, he doesn’t care about you. He cares about himself and his ego. Be smart.”

Not sure what the hell we’re talking about here? Check out BauerOutage and Watch Momentum.

When it comes to MLB, if I want to know the score, I’ll check out ESPN or MLB.Com. If I want to know what’s really going on, I’ll turn to Barstool Sports and now, Trevor Bauer and Watch Momentum.  Check out the Momentum Youtube Channel for some MLB content with a fresh perspective.

If Trevor, Bauer that is, does see this, here’s our elder tip…nobody EVER goes after the guy in last place…so your success is apparently hurting somebody’s feelings.








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