Wyatt Earp Told Ocean County Voter His Mail-In Ballot Was Rejected, But He Didn’t Vote by Mail

“I’m your huckleberry.”

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Ocean County voters are now receiving letters from Wyatt Earp, yes, that’s really his real name, no kidding, telling them that their July primary ballots were not counted. One resident, Tom Taylor shared the letter he received from Wyatt Earp.

“This letter is to inform you that your ballot for the July 7th, 2020 Primary Election was rejected by the Ocean County Election Board of Commissioners for the following reason:

Returned a mail-in ballot.

The letter to Thomas Taylor was pretty uninformative and boilerplate, so he called the election office to find out what the hell happened and why he’s getting letters from 19th-century lawmen.

By the way, you should stop reading this right now and call the election board to see if your vote counted if you live in Ocean County. That number is 732-929-2167. We’d love to hear your story after you call.

“Received this in the mail today from Ocean County Board of Elections. I personally filled out ballot at polling location. When I called to question this they tell me a mail in ballot had already been cast from me. I assured them I had not nor ever mailed ballot in my life,” Taylor said.  “They then told me they are going to look into it. If this doesn’t stink of voter rigging I don’t know what does.”

Yes, Tom, it does smell like voting fraud.  Wyatt Earp also happens to be the Chairman of the Ocean County Democrat Party. He and Ocean County Republican Party Chairman Frank Holman run the Wild West election board here in Ocean County along with Beth McGuckin, the EX-WIFE of political pay-to-play lawyer Greg McGuckin.  Only in Hooterville.

We promise. It’s not a joke. That’s really his real name, even though Holman looks more like Wyatt Earp than Wyatt Earp does.

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