Murphy to New Jersey: Take the Damn Call, People This is Not a Witch Hunt

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is losing his patience with the residents of New Jersey, most of them, who do not want to talk to his growing army of COVID-19 contact tracers.  On Friday, Murphy once again lectured his residents about the importance of giving his virus investigators information on where they have been and who they were with.

Murphy said his virus investigation corps is not trying to gather intelligence about illegal COVID-19 activities, like running a business, breathing fresh air or interacting with people, but just an information-gathering government organization looking to stop the spread of the deadly virus which is still killing a few people each day in New Jersey.  That’s the narrative Murphy needs to continue his tyrannical rule across the state.  Without that narrative, his draconian response to the virus is just political fanfare that nobody will buy.

“More than half of the people our contact tracers are getting in touch with are refusing to cooperate,” the governor said. “This is highly disturbing, to say the very least. Again, I reiterate, our contact tracers only care about protecting public health.”

With nobody answering the call, Murphy is continuing to grow his army of COVID-19 contact tracers.

“We continue to build our community contact tracing corps. This week we added another 83 contact tracers to our team and the number of tracers statewide is currently 1,612,” he said. “We’re also reporting increases in the percentage of cases being followed up within the first 24 hours, and that’s also good news.”

The state has released no detailed information about the findings of those tracers.  Where is the virus most likely found?  What kind of establishments are seeing the fastest growing rate of infection, etc. The only information the state shares is the number of growing investigators.

Murphy, who is now trying to shut down businesses, imprison business owners, revoke business licenses and overseeing the demise of thousands of small businesses during his extended business lockdown said his contact tracers are your friends.  He also referred to COVID-19 executive orders as “illegal behavior”, but they are here to help you.

“They care about protecting you and your family and your friends. This is not about a witch hunt,” Murphy said. “We do not condone illegal behavior, especially we do not condone underage drinking, but this is not what this is about. Please, folks, take the damn call. Work with them. Consider it another piece of personal responsibility that we must take to defeat this virus.”

As we has been the case in the past, we can only assume that at some point, Murphy will eventually try to criminalizing contact tracer non-compliance, just as he has criminalized operating a business, eating dinner, working out and other activities associated with being free Americans since the day the country was founded.


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