Opinion: Sheriff Mastronardy Missed His Time to Shine When He Helped Phil Murphy Shut Down Diner in Ocean County

There are times in the career of an elected official when you are given an opportunity to show the people of your community exactly where you stand.  There are some great sheriffs in America who are defying the liberal left’s assaults on freedoms and standing up against the left’s local, state and federal overreach.  We all know their names, Joe Arpaio, David Clarke and Bob Songer.

Who is Bob Songer you ask? Sheriff Bob Songer, a sheriff in Washington state defied his governor and attorney general’s assault on the second amendment last spring.  When asked how a sheriff could defy the legal orders of the governor and attorney general’s office, this is what he said.

“Unfortunately for the governor and the attorney general, they’re not my boss. My only boss is the people that elected me to office,” Songer said.

Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy had the opportunity to show the residents of Ocean County who he worked for this week, instead, he chose to facilitate the shut down of the Lakeside Diner in Lacey Township this week, accompanied by local police officers and a locksmith.

It was a moment where Mastronardy could have shown that he was behind the people and elected to fight real crime, not crimes made up by a socialist, leftist governor who is on an out of control political power trip, driven by questionable science and a virus that has been flatlined since early May of this year.

The Lakeside Diner has been committing the heinous crime of serving breakfast, lunch and dinner since June.  That criminal act has put the diner squarely in the crosshairs of Governor Phil Murphy and his attorney general, Gurbir Grewal.  They are hell-bent on inflicting financial damages to anyone who dares defy Murphy’s Law, which is the most strict and toughest COVID-19 policy in all of America.   New Jersey is just one of two states that have outlawed the act of serving diners food inside a restaurant.  The other is California.  Even our neighbors, Delaware and Pennsylvania allow it, but Murphy insists his science is better than theirs, so it remains illegal.   New Jersey residents now eat their food in parking lots and side allows.   A few outlaw establishments exist where the curtains are drawn, the lights are dimmed, avoiding detection from the Murphy brown shirts seeking out and charging those who defy his orders.

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No crime has been committed by Lakeside and in their three months of operation, nobody has contracted COVID-19.  How do we know this? Because if there was any indication that any of their customers contracted the virus, through Murphy’s army of contact tracers, you bet your ass we’d all know about it.

As for Mastronardy, he’s an elected Republican party official who didn’t have the courage to stand up to the Murphy administration.  Too much is on the line politically for anyone in any higher office in the state to defy the Governor.  It’s one more sign of the weakness of the party statewide to effectively fight one man who is destroying democracy, eroding freedom and decimating the economy of New Jersey.   Ocean County has long been the Republican Alamo of the Garden State.  It’s freedom’s last stand in the California of the east, but this week General Santa Ana’s army claimed a major victory and breached the walls.

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This week, Mastronardy could have propelled himself into the likes of those sheriffs we see each week, fighting against the tyranny of the left.  Instead, he’s now left with a black eye that hopefully clears before the next election.


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