Defiant Gym, Diner Dangerous to Phil Murphy’s Daily COVID-19 Narrative

FORKED RIVER, NJ – Nobody in the world denies the existence of COVID-19.  Many of us have had friends and family members contract the virus, some bad, some good.  In March and April of this year, thousands of New Jersey residents died from the virus, many of whom were elderly patients in the nursing homes, long term care facilities, and state-run veterans homes.  There are 7,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 among that population that died in those homes.  Countless others who were in those homes were eventually taken to the hospital where they died in the hospital, not counted in the official nursing home death census.

Today, the COVID-19 reality is much different than the one Governor Phil Murphy portrays and the side effects of the COVID-19 policies of Governor Murphy are killing more New Jerseyans than the actual virus itself.

Murders are up statewide as residents in despair, locked down for months with no job are taking their frustrations out on others.  Drug overdoses have sharply increased and so have suicides in the state of New Jersey.  These increases are all due to Murphy’s policies which depend on death, or the appearance of death to get his point across to justify his policies that have continued to cripple and negatively affect nearly every citizen of the state in some way.

Death means Murphy is right.  If there’s no death, then the Murphy platform has no foundation.  That’s why he created stats like “probable deaths” and why each morning he makes sure to include a roll call of death, reading off names of people who died months ago, passing it as people who recently died.   The public in New Jersey is now on to the Governor.   He claims he rules by science, but refuses to share his science with any non-state agencies.   His science is his own as his policy is counteractive to every other state in our country.  He has created his own country of New Jersey where his daily briefing of fear and death justify his actions to keep Americans out of work, others from coming into our state, businesses from opening and allowing life to return to some sort of normal.

He pushes for the “new normal”, his normal.  A socialist state where cops show up at early hours in the morning and arrest business owners.  A state where businesses are arbitrarily losing their mercantile licenses without due process.  New Jersey has become a state of fear and residents are tired of being treated differently than any other state in the country.

Murphy wants you to believe he’s doing a great job with COVID-19, but every action he has taken has lead to more deaths of New Jersey residents.   When somebody opposes his narrative and demonstrates that we can live somewhat normally after COVID-19, he uses the powers of his Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal, and State Police force to swiftly crush that opposition.

The Atilis Gym in Bellmawr claims to have had 30,000 people workout there since reopening in June.  No COVID-19 infections have been reported, even by Murphy’s army of 1,500 contact tracers.  The story is the same at the Lakeside Diner in Lacey Township.   No COVID-19 outbreaks or flareups have occurred as a result of their continued operations.  When flare-ups happen at other local businesses, especially here at the shore, the business owners have been responsible.  Most announce it on their social media page and immediately shut down until cleaning and contact tracing has been completed.

Through Murphy’s army of contact tracers, if anyone did get infected from “illegally operating” businesses, we would know.  Murphy would use it as a political platform in his daily briefing and chastize the entire industry and small business community as he has done for the bar industry here at the shore.  Even with those large gatherings, he complained about two weeks ago, contact tracers haven’t found a single case from those large crowds at the bars.  They also haven’t found any flareups from large protests, sporting events, or anything else.  The only reported flare-ups to date involved people traveling from out of state functions and large indoor parties with teens.

In fact, the huge Jackson and Howell BNB parties that were broken up also yielded no evidence of infections from Murphy’s contact tracers.

Even when outbreaks happen, these days treatments for COVID-19 are much better than they were in March and April. With Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, and convalescent plasma, doctors and hospitals know how to keep people off respirators.  Just a few dozen people statewide are on respirators these days as these life-saving drugs are helping people recover more quickly from the virus once contracted.

Everything Murphy says these days has a disclaimer and an asterisk associated with it.  There were 3 new deaths reported on Sunday, however just one was in the month of August, two weeks prior, one from July and one from May, which means there technically were no new deaths reported Sunday, which is a first since the virus pandemic began.

On Saturday, there were three confirmed deaths.  None of which happened in the 7 days prior, all three happening on August 18th and 19th.

Now the Governor of Death is giving a new warning now that the curve has flattened, deaths are down, the transmission rate is down, hospitalizations are down and patients on ventilators are down.

“The Second Wave”

“I hope there will not be a second wave in New Jersey, but ultimately my decisions aren’t guided by hope,” Murphy said on Friday. “They’re guided by facts, science, and data. The experts are warning of a second wave.”

Now we have gone from flattening the curve, to finding a vaccine, to keeping the transmission rate low and the new catchphrase will now be “the second wave”.  It’s the constant moving of the goalposts that only happens in New Jersey that residents are sick and tired of.

That’s because Murphy’s COVID-19 policy relies on fear and death…and that’s all his policies have been delivering since day one.

Photo by George Williams.

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