Mayor Denies State Request to Use DPW Workers to Board Up Lakeside Diner

LACEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – When the state asked Ocean County Republican Sheriff Michael Mastronardy to change the locks this past weekend at the defiant Lakeside Diner in Lacey Township, Sheriff Michael Mastronardy happily obliged.   Today, Lacey Township Mayor Steve Kennis was asked to use his Department of Public Works Employees to board up the diner today, Kennis told the state no.

Kennis said today, “The township was asked to use DPW employees to help board up the Lakeside Diner.  We declined.”

Not only is he right for declining, using township workers to perform work at a private business is illegal.  That’s what landed Paterson mayor Jose Torres in jail. He used township workers to perform services during working hours for a private business, right?

New Jersey Governor Murphy’s extended closure of indoor dining at this point is no longer about health and science.  Unless Murphy knows something that 48 other governors know about COVID-19 and his team of scientists have proprietary information they’re not sharing, it’s just political.  Keep in mind, what happened in January in a restaurant somewhere in Wuhan, China is not a good enough reason to shut down an entire state, is it?

If Murphy didn’t lead the country in COVID-19 cases per capita in America, he might actually be viewed by his peers as an authoritative source on the subject.   But, he’s not. In fact, Murphy’s reaction to COVID-19 caused the unnecessary deaths of more than 7,000 senior citizens in New Jersey after he and Health Commission Judith Persichili forced senior living facilities to accept COVID-19 patients that should have been sent to the hospital.   On top of that, his prolonged shutdown has created a mental health state of emergency in New Jersey. Violent crime is up. Gun violence is up.  Suicides are up.  Drug overdose deaths are up.   All of those have a correlation to Murphy’s COVID-19 response.

So, when a mayor in Lacey says no to board up a hard-working business owner’s place of business, it’s not defying the law, it’s defying an unlawful order by an out of control socialist democrat who is working overtime to create his own socialist utopia here in the state of New Jersey.

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