Mo Hill Should Declare Toms River a Restaurant Sanctuary City, Oppose Phil Murphy

TOMS RIVER, NJ – After watching by idly for months, Mayor Mo Hill of Toms River, is coming out of his COVID-19 shelter like many others this week, demanding Governor Phil Murphy reopen indoor dining.  The move comes as Murphy says he’s going to reopen in September, maybe.   If Mo Hill was a military man of any value, he would defy Governor Murphy’s illegal order and declare Toms River an indoor-dining sanctuary city.

Just as New Jersey is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens seeking sanctuary from justice by the federal government, Mo Hill can declare Toms River a sanctuary city and allow for the reopening of restaurants tomorrow and guarantee those businesses protection from his code enforcement, health department and law enforcement services, instead protecting those businesses who want to open in defiance of Murphy’s Law.

“I have asked them repeatedly to open up indoor dining, fitness centers and movie theaters with limited 25% occupancy,” Hill said at this week’s council meetings. “We’re one of the only states that don’t have indoor dining.”

This is the time in a political career where you can define yourself as a true leader of the people and declare your town a sanctuary city.  In fact, the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders should immediately declare Ocean County a sanctuary county if they believe so strongly that Governor Murphy’s out of line and needlessly crippling the economy.

Mo Hill can call for an emergency township council meeting for tomorrow, Friday, present a resolution and have the council vote on it.

The ball is in Mo’s court. He can either be a talking head who just wants radio soundbites and catchy quotes in newspapers, or he can do something about it and declare a sanctuary county today in complete defiance of Governor Phil Murphy.

What are your orders Admiral?

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