Politically Connected Ocean County Pay to Play Law Firm Received $1.1 Million in Public Contracts in 2019


TOMS RIVER, NJ – A politically connected law firm in Toms River received $1,168,375.79 in public contracts across Ocean County in 2019 according to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission’s Pay to Play database.

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Berry, Sahradnik, Kotzas & Benson, of Toms River donated thousands of dollars to Ocean County GOP political campaigns in 2019.

Those donations include $2,500 to the Ocean County Republican Finance Committee, $5,200 to Sheriff Michael Mastronardy, and $6,050 to freeholders Jack Kelly and Virginia Haines.

The law firm earned $883,045.66 in public service contracts from the County of Ocean where Kelly and Haines serve as Freeholders.  The firm also received $77,539 from Ocean County College where Haines serves as both the freeholders’ liaison to the college and as a board member of the Ocean County College Foundation.   The Ocean County Board of Health pays the firm $28,529.43 per year. They earn $95,254.39 from the New Jersey Utilities Authority, $35,712.33 from the Central Jersey Health Insurance Fund, $14,238.74 from the Joint Insurance Fund and $11,374.42 from the Berkley Township Municipal Utilities Authority.




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