Jackson Mayor Reina: This country was not built on the backs of fearful men


JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina ripped into New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy at the August 25th township council meeting.  Reina said that America was not built on the backs of fearful men, and also recognized that women also now serve in the armed forces.

“This country was not built on the backs of fearful men. It never was and never will be,” Reina said. “Now we have women in the military, so I’m going to add fearful women as well.”

Women have been serving in America’s military since 1948, but since Reina never served in the military, his gaffe should be forgiven.

According to History.com, “In 1948, President Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act into law. The act let women serve as full, permanent members of all of the branches of the military.”

Reina was using his time during the council meeting to rail against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, saying that we should not fear a flu and New Jersey businesses should be allowed to reopen.

He urges everyone to write the governor to open up the state of New Jersey.

“Enough is enough, the numbers are supposed to be driving the data, the data is supposed to be driving the numbers, every day I hear something different,” Reina said.

It wasn’t the first time Reina challenged Governor Murphy on the dais or through his Facebook page.  During the height of the pandemic, Reina challenged Murphy openly on park reopenings and restarting sports.  On both occasions, Reina backed down from Murphy and did not challenge his authority after being told not to by the Governor and the Attorney General’s Office.

On August 5th, Governor Phil Murphy came to Jackson and Reina had the opportunity to confront the governor and put him on the spot, with dozens of media crews in tow.

Instead, Reina simply thanked Murphy.

“God bless, thanks for everything,” Reina told Murphy during the brief encounter.


Seconds after Reina fist bumbed and thanked the governor, this reporter asked the Governor how he could tout the state of New Jersey as a national leader during the pandemic, although his orders to send sick senior citizens into nursing homes and veterans facilities led to the eventual deaths of more than 7,000 people.




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