Gauntlet Laid by Restaurant Owners, Will Murphy Announce Reopening of Indoor Dining Monday?

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy claims his reopening of the state is based on science, but that science now differs from the science being used by 49 other governors across America.   This week, restaurateurs across New Jersey told the governor he has until September 8th to reopen restaurants or they are going to open anyway, in defiance of his executive order banning indoor dining. So far, over 100 restaurants have pledged to reopen their doors and that number is growing every day.

On Monday, as New Jersey becomes the last state with a statewide ban on indoor dining as California reopens much of its indoor dining industry, Murphy has to decide whether or not he’ll let his pride or actual facts and science determine the data necessary to reopen restaurants immediately.

As we have seen with Murphy when he is challenged by the peons and dregs of society, a.k.a. the small business owner, he digs in a line of defense and executes a swift offense.   His office has told restaurant owners across the state not to participate in the September 8th “outlaw” reopening protest, protests are only for liberals of course.   Any protests by others are met with swift action.   In fact, Murphy has even jailed two New Jersey gym owners for defying his orders.  He threatened to board up a restaurant in Lacey Township if they did not cease defying him.

As the morning dawns on Monday, we’ll have to wait and see until Murphy’s daily COVID-19 briefing to see whether he digs in or if he will finally admit that his science might not be the only book in the COVID-19 science game?

Our bet is on Murphy digging in deeper on Monday or ignoring the entire matter altogether.



Sports Betting Analyst

Sports Betting Analyst

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