Flashback: Watch as Calm Canuck Ups the Violent Protest Game with Frying Pan

ONTARIO, CANADA – Violent protests and ANTIFA aren’t just an American past time.  Like baseball and football, they have spread to Canada.  Like most things that Canada steals from us, they change the rules a little bit, like the 55-yard-line and playing hockey-style organ music at Toronto Blue Jays games.  When it comes to violent protests, Canadians use much different tools. While Americans typically bring pepper spray, bags of feces, baseball bats and guns, one cigarette smoking Canadian decided a frying pan would be the go-to item at the local ANTIFA/BLM/LBGT protest.

Sure, this happened about a year ago, but the video is making it’s viral rounds again this week and was deserving of today’s flashback reel.

Standing on the sidelines a fellow Canuck yelled, “Oh! f*cking leveld…f*ck ya!”    It hasn’t been confirmed if the fan was drinking Molson or Budweiser.   The frying pan is a favorite weapon in the video game Player’s Uknown Battlegrounds.  In that game, two hits with the frying pan is the best way to kill your opponent in close combat.   We didn’t realize anyone still played the game.

The video even spawned a hot new subreddit called /r bonkedthef*ckout.