Lawsuit Claims Jackson Mayor Michael Reina Harassed Disabled Bridge Worker

POINT PLEASANT, NJ – A second lawsuit has been filed against Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina claiming workplace harassment at his county job where he serves as a politically appointed superintendent of bridges.   Reina, a Brooklyn native known for his hot-headed temper and lust for revenge against those who challenge him, has gotten himself into hot water in recent years.  This lawsuit now brings the known number of lawsuits filed against Reina to at least 9.  There is one other pending lawsuit to be heard in Atlantic County later in September that claims Reina harassed a female bridge worker.

Reina is also the defendant in a lawsuit and investigation filed by U.S. Attorney General William Barr against his actions as Mayor of Jackson Township.  In that position, Reina is being sued by two former co-workers who claimed Reina fired them simply because he didn’t like them.  He’s also being sued by Agudath Israel of America for religious discrimination and he is facing at least three lawsuits from builders claiming he violated religious land-use laws.

In addition to his $100,000 county salary, $28,000 mayoral salary, free health benefits, and pension, Reina’s actions could cost the taxpayers of Jackson and Ocean County roughly ten million dollars when all is said and done.

A lawsuit filed by Ocean County bridge department employee Josep Galletto claims Reina went out of his way to harass a disabled bridge attendant by changing policies to force him to perform tasks Reina knew he was physically unable to accomplish.  Galleto, who worked for the bridge department said prior to Reina, who had no prior experience managing bridges before he was appointed by the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders, never had to perform the tasks now being required by Reina.

You can see the court documents below. The case is currently being appealed by Galleto after the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights sided with Reina on the matter. Reina was contacted regarding this matter and did not respond for comment.

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