Movie theaters are coming back to NJ September 4th

TRENTON, NJ – The nostalgia of the drive-in movies may soon be coming to an as indoor movie theaters have been given the green light to reopen on September 4th, along with restaurants.  Governor Phil Murphy today, in all of his generosity has declared the industry, which has suffered heavy financial losses in the past six months can start to crawl its way back into solvency.

“Today, I’m signing an Executive Order allowing for movie theaters and other indoor performance venues to reopen on Friday, September 4th,” Murphy texted.

Here are Murphy’s rules for theaters:

  • Face masks required
  • Social distancing required
  • Capacity will be capped at the lesser of either 25% capacity, or 150 people
  • Each showing, and each theater in a multi-plex, will be subject to capacity limits
  • If you have four screens, each screen will be held to the lesser of 25% capacity or 150 people

During COVID-19, a cottage industry of drive-in movie theaters in conjunction with towns, parks and businesses with large parking lots emerged.   It’s unsure whether or not the 2020 drive-in movie obsession will continue as theaters reopen.


Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash


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