Glory Be! A New WaWa is Being Planned for Jackson Township


JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – Plans have been submitted to build a new WaWa gas station, liquor store and commercial retail building on the site of what is today, Glory’s Discount Market and Deli.  The store, which is one of the township’s most popular bodegas may soon be nothing but a distant memory.  Like the hundreds of acres around the market that has been cleared in recent years for the construction of high-density townhouses and apartments, “Glory’s Corner” will also be transforming into the 21st century.  The current dated structure on the corner will be replaced with a WaWa superstore and a gas station.  As you go south down Cedar Swamp Road, Glory’s Liquors will occupy on of the two retail structures to be built on the site.    According to plans revealed today the project is now in motion.

The property is currently owned by “Dreamview LLC”, owned by the George Glory according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.   Earlier this year there were soil sample bore drillings done at the site to check for harmful contaminants in the soil.  Before sale and development, any contaminated material would have to be remedied by the current owner before construction could begin on the proposed WaWa gas station.

The plans are currently on file with the Jackson Township Planning Board and available for public viewing.

Clara Glory on social media last year denied that she and her family were planning to sell the family business, responding, “It’s none of your business what we’re doing.”   Glory has been an instrumental supporter of the thousands of residential units built around her land by Mitch Leigh’s Jackson Twentyone over the years.



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