Hirsh Singh Petitions Judge to Invalidate GOP Senate Primary After Tens of Thousands of Voters Disenfranchised

Republican Hirsh Singh is taking on Cory Booker for U.S. Senate.

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LINWOOD, NJ — On Wednesday, September 1st, the Singh for Senate Campaign filed an official contest of the U.S. Senate Primary.

One of the key issues in the contest points out that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has violated Article 1, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution by taking it upon himself to arbitrarily impose on the state the manner in which the election is conducted, a power that is vested in the hands of the state legislature.

“Phil Murphy arrogating power to himself and acting like a third world dictator should not go unchallenged. New Jersey’s July 7 primary should be seen as a canary in the coal mine. The arbitrary manner in which it was conducted and the cheating by officials including by the Attorney General that accompanied the election process is an ugly preview of the nightmare that President Trump will face in the general election in November as Democrats attempt to steal the election. People should not be forced to vote by mail merely because that is Phil Murphy’s whim,” said Singh.

“We have called for the June primary election to be thrown out and redone. If the ballots that were legally cast were not counted, they must throw out the entire election and redo it using machines. We can get results in a single day. We have requested the Judge throw out the entire election due to misconduct, fraud, corruption, illegal votes being counted, and legal votes being rejected,” added Singh.

Singh also took aim at the fact that the election has been certified even though the ballots are yet to be counted completely. The Secretary of State’s office randomly certified one of Singh’s opponents as the winner and argued that they would amend the certification if the actual results conflicted with this choice. “The Primary election held on July 7 has been illegitimately certified and the arguments provided by the Secretary of State make a mockery of the laws related to the deadline by which the election process must be completed,” pointed out Singh.

The contest points out several irregularities with the counting process as well. Over 40,000 ballots were not counted, over 49,000 people – more than 10% – did not vote for either the President or a U.S. Senate candidate, thousands of people did not receive ballots, and several thousands of people received ballots that were not of their party’s affiliation. There were also several thousands of ballots that were correctly cast, but were incorrectly rejected during the counting process.

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“Countless numbers of people have reached out directly to our campaign saying that their legally cast ballot was rejected but that they were only informed about it weeks after the election was certified,” said Singh. “Governor Phil Murphy has no idea what he’s doing and I will not stand by as he desecrates our American tradition of free, fair, and transparent elections. This flies in the face of our democratic election process. Every legal vote must be counted to protect our Constitutional Republic from the threat of tyrannical communism resulting from the unilateral actions of a governor drunk on power,” said Singh.

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