This Bordentown Family Owned Diner Survived COVID-19 Shutdown, Now Serving Indoors Again

BORDENTOWN, NJ Wisdom Diner has announced it is reopening for indoor dining according to owner August Petris and family. Located at 1024 US Highway 206 in Bordentown the diner is ready to serve its customers indoors.

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Wisdom opened on October 31, 2003.  August Petris and his father Evangelos partnered up along with the help of their family members, Rachel, Isaia, Philip and Kostas Petris to start this family restaurant that operates 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“The restaurant has been blessed with the best staff and clientele that one would hope for 17 years,” August said. “Thanks to all for making Wisdom Diner what it is today.”

“Although we were limited to curbside pick up orders due to pandemic, we were opened the entire time with patrons calling in orders over the phone and our staff bringing orders out to vehicles allowing customers the convenience of staying in their cars,” Petris said. “We are now opening at 25% capacity for indoor dining and will continue to do curbside pick up from now on as an extra service. Thanks for all the support of our employees and customers during these tough times because we have power in numbers and community.”

To learn more, you can call Wisdom Diner at (732) 278-6669 or visit their website.


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