Robbinsville Police Will Replace Overpass Flags Even After Murphy Administration Said No

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ROBBINSVILLE, NJ – In commemoration of the 19th anniversary of the September 11th terorrist attacks on the United States, the Robbinsville Police Department said it will go forward with replacing old flags placed on highway overpasses with new ones.   This week, the New Jersey Transportation Authority not only told the PBA to stop what they were doing, they went out and removed American flags from across New Jersey.  In their place, in some locations were signs that warned of the state’s new prohibition against American flags on overpasses.

Either, in Robbinsville at least, the show will go on.

“With the full support of Mayor Dave Fried, we plan to re-hang the American flags on the overpasses throughout Robbinsville Township. If any are interested in joining us, please meet at the Robbinsville Community Park (15 West Manor Way),” the PBA said.

You can join the PBA’s Facebook event here.

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