New Jersey Democrat Mocks Republican Mayor’s Disability, Censured by Town Committee


ROCHELLE PARK, NJ – New Jersey Democrat Linda Boniface, an elected committeewoman in Rochelle Park mocked Republican Mayor Nicholas LiBassi in an executive session meeting of the committee back in June.  Now, she has been censured for her cruel and hurtful comments against the wheelchair-bound mayor.

“The only reason you got elected was because of your wheelchair,” Boniface told LiBassi.   LiBassi suffers from a 1996 spinal cord injury.  Boniface continues carrying sour grapes after LiBassi won last year’s election and she continued to berate LiBassi for exploiting his handicap during the campaign.

“You used your wheelchair as a prop during your campaign,” she told LiBassi. “There was not one headshot of you. Every picture of you included the wheelchair.”

Boniface went even deeper into her insults, according to the censure resolution, saying to others, “Let’s hear what the cripple has to say.”

Boniface thus far refuses to apologize for her hateful and disgusting comments against the mayor.

LiBassi, an avid skydiver was injured in a 1996 skydiving accident after another skydiver freefell into him during his descent. His parachute got tangled in around his leg, which had been broken during the mid-air collision.  He ended up crashing into trees. He suffered a broken back and multiple broken bones, but he survived.  He was left paralyzed below his belly button.



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