Far Right? Far Out! The Radical Non-Movement.


It’s becoming more often that news stories like this are popping up.  The instances of such reporting are not a product of some crazed uprising of “far right wing” fringe groups, or the growth of militias looking to overthrow the government.  But rather, these “news stories” are part of the far left media and interest groups grasping at straws, or anything they can to create a stir – fingering a big red boogie man.  From a “Business Insider” headline: “A California cop who wore a far-right patch to a George Floyd protest won’t be fired.”  At first glance the headline does exactly what its supposed to, cause a stir and serves as very effective click bate.  From the story:

The patch in question displayed a logo for the Three Percenters — a movement whose followers, including a former sheriff’s deputy, bombed a Minnesota mosque in 2017 — above the term “Oathkeeper,” a reference to a paramilitary organization that recently declared the US to be in a state of “civil war.” The members of such vigilante groups often appear in public heavily armed, sometimes in uniforms that suggest an official capacity, purporting to uphold their interpretation of the law, sans oversight or legal sanction.

Any reasonable casual observer reading a “news story” such as this would probably be left flummoxed as to how the Orange County Sheriff would allow a member of his team to still remain employed.   They are clearly displaying insignia of such radical groups as those described.  The problem is, the labeling or  categorizing of who are 3%ers and oathkeepers is not cut and dry.  The story points out the moniker 3% is “the name referring to the claim that a ‘small revolutionary vanguard’ — 3% of the US population — overthrew the British.”  There are groups that have hijacked these terms to serve their own purposes, referencing them does not specifically mean those groups are represented.  These symbols are not like the swastika (which the Nazis stole for their own use).  The article continues:

In an August 27 report noting the incident, the Brennan Center for Justice, a nonpartisan policy institute at the New York University Law School, described the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters as “far-right militant groups” that have successfully infiltrated law enforcement.

These are more games the left likes to play to paint a picture about any patriotic expression.  Anyone that wants to celebrate the 3% is in fact celebrating the liberation of this country from British rule.  This is an important reminder indeed, that a small segment of society that is focused and dedicated for a noble purpose can invoke change.  There is nothing radical about America gaining their independence from Briton.

As for the “oathkeepers”?  Sure there is a group of “Oath Keeprs”.  But what exactly is an oathkeeper?  Someone that has sworn an oath to uphold and protect The Constitution of the United States.  One does not have to be a member of the proper noun “Oath Keepers” in order to display an “Oathkeepr” patch.  A more appropriate question should be why doesn’t Pelosi, Biden, Clinton, Schumer, Harris, et.al. display “oath breaker” patches, because that is what they are – people that broke their oaths to protect The Constitution, and continue to do so.

At the end of the day, jump on the internet and just do a search for 3%er or Oathkeepr gear and you’ll find numerous shops that sell patriotic articles of clothing.  These are not the symbols of zealots, but rather a celebration of freedom and expression of actually protecting The Constitution.  None of those shops represent an organized group, as the article would lead you to believe, but rather an ideology that involves freedom.

Orange County Sheriff department has a solution in the form of education and training on the subject.  “The training is being developed” as per a spokesperson…my guess is said conditioning by the Orange County Sheriffs department probably will go something like this:  Don’t wear unauthorized patches on your uniform, it’s gonna upset someone and we don’t need the subsequent media attention.

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