Man Poops in Nancy Pelosi’s Driveway, Calls it “Peaceful Protest”

A popular Youtuber live-streamed himself pooping in the driveway of the home of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi this weekend, naming his video “Poopalosi”.    “Mando” as he goes by on Youtube said his public defecation at Pelosi’s home was a peaceful protest against the lack of facilities for the growing homeless population in Pelosi’s home city of San Francisco.  He said it’s not fair that elitists like Pelosi get to break the laws and get haircuts while millions in her own city are suffering.    “That was for President Trump,” Mando said at the end of the clip.  He was later detained by the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police at the request of the Washington, D.C. Capitol Police.   Mando, who started his channel as a homeless man on the streets of San Francisco said he just wants to bring attention to the plight of the homeless in the city.

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