Seaside Heights Police In Riot Gear Disperse Crowd of 2,000

The Nelk Boys, with over 3.6 million Instagram and 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube rented out the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights today and drew a crowd of roughly 2,000 followers with them.  It wasn’t long before the Seaside Heights Police Department put out the call to surrounding towns to shut it down.  The YouTubers were unveiling a new line of clothing online, promoting their “Full Send” brand.    Instead, they were kicked out by police and crowds were dispersed.   The Nelk Boys, from Canada run a YouTube prank channel and have amassed a large audience, with some videos reaching up to 11,000,000 views.  The group then turned on their fans and told them if they loved them, they would leave.  “You guys have to leave, you’re ruining our biggest day,” they said.

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After a nearby car meetup down the street became rowdy, police broke up both events.

Crowds disperse after police broke up two events in Seaside Heights.

On Saturday,  a post by YouTube said they have taken action against the Nelk Boys channel because they encouraged large social gatherings with disregard to social distancing guidelines.  This could have a severely negative impact on the team’s ability to earn money.

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