So You Bought a gun for Self Protection? CNJFO’s Guide to the “now what?” Questions!

by Dan Grdovic, CNJFO President, for Black Wire Media

Attention new gun owners!

First of all, we here at CNJFO as well as the gun community at large welcome you whole heartedly to the world of firearms ownership.
Now, there’s a few things we need to go over:

1) You need some sort of gun storage device whether a locker or a safe or an quick access box, whatever you do, do NOT assume your kids won’t find your gun. Remember, you found your parents porn and alcohol… And no, a cigar box is not sufficient.
2) You need to learn the four rules of firearm safety, no matter what: Assume all guns are always loaded and check them to see if they are. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and your ready to shoot. Know your target and what lies beyond your target.
3) New guns should be cleaned before their first range trip. The factory oil on the gun is thicker and is designed to protect the firearm for long storage periods and isn’t designed for parts sliding back and forth at high velocity. Many new owners are upset to find that their brand new gun is jamming only to figure out that a simple basic cleaning alleviates these issues.
4) Invest in training. You just spent a bunch of money on a gun that you may think you know how to use. Take another $200 and go take an 8 hour class, learn to be safER and more accurate through professional instruction.
5) Spend a few bucks extra on “splatter targets”. They amplify the bullet impact allowing you to better see where you’re hitting the target.
6) Practice, practice, practice. As with any manual skill, practice is necessary. Get to the range. Don’t just put that gun in your nightstand safe. How do you know it actually works unless you’ve shot it? Learn how to manipulate your firearm!
7) Enjoy. Go to the range and enjoy the camaraderie that is the gun community. In no other hobby will someone hand you their several thousand dollar firearm and let you pop off a few rounds. And yes, it’s polite to offer them some ammo for their kindness, but most won’t take it. Again, Enjoy!
8) Preserve your gun rights. You worked hard jumping through all the hoops necessary for legal gun ownership. It took time, money and patience. You made the decision to buy & use a tool to DEFEND your family. It would be a shame to let anyone simply declare your RIGHTS no longer EXIST.

Here in New Jersey, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners fights for your RIGHT to own, use and transport your firearms. We need your HELP to continue our mission fighting bad gun laws by educating legislators about unintended consequences of “feel-good” Bills, conducting firearms safety training for youth and promoting all the good firearms ownership provides at various community outreach events. Annual membership is less than a trip to the range and we gift you a t-shirt for joining NJ’s most active 2nd Amendment group! Join NOW to fight to keep your gun(s):

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And finally, welcome and feel free to ask questions.
-Your new friends at CNJFO

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