Murphy Administration Partners with Twitter To Make Mask Wearing “Cool”

ASBURY PARK, NJ –  If you stroll past the famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, you’ll notice two large signs on the oceanfront side of the building promoting the wearing of face masks during COVID-19.  Those signs are part of a joint campaign between Governor Phil Murphy and Twitter.

“Best thing about these masks is I can sing along to my music without looking like a weirdo,” one sign reads.

Another says, “All the cool kids wear masks during a pandemic.  Be a cool kid, k?”

Murphy said those signs are part of a partnership between his administration and the social media giant.

“Proud to partner with @Twitter to amplify the voices of New Jerseyans to ensure we ALL continue to #WearAMask – for ourselves and for each other,” he tweeted.

Murphy said the initiative by the state propaganda machine to combat “mask fatigue”.  Murphy said the New Jersey State government’s partnership with Twitter on a campaign will promote the use and importance of wearing face masks. Asbury Park and Jersey City are two of six U.S. cities participating in an effort to combat mask-fatigue.

The initiative will display tweets from real people on physical spaces, including billboards, local landmarks, and other high-traffic areas. Twitter worked extensively with members of the Governor’s digital team and economic development team to identify messaging opportunities and bring the unique conversation happening on Twitter to life.

“From the earliest days of this pandemic, New Jersey has been steadfast in our conviction that face masks are a critically important tool to limit the spread of this virus,”said Governor Murphy. “This partnership is a creative way to amplify and incorporate the voices of New Jerseyans in our efforts to ensure we continue to mask up.” “People around the world are talking about masks and the real-talk happens on Twitter,” said Nola Weinstein, Twitter Global Head of Culture & Brand Experience. “We’re excited to bring these Tweets to the Streets, amplify people’s voices, and encourage everyone to mask-up.”


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