Police, Firefighters Announce Support for Howell Mayor Berger, Business Owner de Garmeaux

HOWELL, NJ – The New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Association (STFA) and the NJ Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Organization (FMBA) announced their endorsements of the Democrats in the Mayor and Council race in Howell Township.

Theresa Berger is running for re-election for Howell Mayor along with Andre de Garmeaux who is running for his first term on the Council.

“Now, more than ever, our communities need leaders that will stand strong for public safety,”
Eddie Donnelly, president of the more than 5,000 member Firefighters Organization said, “We know Theresa and Andre are those type of leaders and will serve Howell in a way that makes it safer and stronger.”

Wayne Blanchard, STFA President, also released a letter of support for Mayor Berger, detailing her strong support for the law enforcement community and praising her leadership. The letter said in part:

“Therefore, your (Mayor Berger’s) leadership, support, and commitment to public safety are an asset to Howell Township, its residents, and the men and women of the STFA. We are proud to stand with you as you lead Howell Township into becoming an even more prosperous and safe community under your watch.”

The STFA letter praised Berger’s work championing the “Move Over Law.” This law protects police officers by requiring that drivers move over or slow down when passing a first responder stopped on the side of the road, and is named in honor of fallen Trooper Marc Castellano, a Howell resident, who was struck and killed by a vehicle on Interstate 195 on June 6th, 2010. Mayor Berger has worked with the STFA to increase community awareness of the need to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.

“Our law enforcement, state troopers and firefighters work every day to keep our communities safe. I am proud to receive their support,” stated Mayor Berger.

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