Murphy says facemask order not political, urges businesses to refuse service to non-wearers

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy once again is complaining about people in New Jersey who either don’t wear face masks or only wear them to appease law enforcement and other government officials.   Murphy said the threat is real and this has nothing to do with politics.  Murphy said the state is not operating surveillance cameras to ensure compliance, but many people think so.

“I got this today from a friend of ours who owns and operates a physical fitness facility,” Murphy said.  “She said that there were an uncomfortable number of examples of folks showing up, almost as though we’ve got security cameras as people walk into the gym or the yoga studio or the Pilates studio wearing their face covering. They walk in the door, they take it off immediately and say, we all know this is about politics.”

Murphy said his executive order directing citizens to wear face masks is not political but based on science and health recommendations.

“I just want the record to show I wore it as I came in. It ain’t about politics, folks. This is about science. It’s about data. It’s about public health,” the governor added.  “And if you take your mask off inside of one of those places, you’re going to get thrown out. It just is not on. So either the operators have done a really good job, but I want to plead especially with them, don’t let anybody do that in your place.”

Governor Murphy pleaded with New Jersey residents to wear their facemasks inside.

“And as individuals, folks, that’s not the point. This isn’t just to get in the door. This is especially when you’re inside,” Murphy said. “The window is narrow on when you don’t have to wear it inside and it’s basically when you’re putting the fork of food in your mouth or you’re having a sip of wine or whatever it is at your table. Please, please, this is tried and true. It works. Please keep your face coverings on when you’re inside.”

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