Phil Murphy Says We’ll Never Go Back to the way Things Were Before COVID-19

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy issued a dire forecast on Friday in a new commercial spot paid for by “New Direction NJ” saying life in New Jersey will never go back to the way it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, even once the virus has been eradicated and gone.   “It’s different these days,” Murphy said. “Even baseball. We’ll get back to cheering fans in the stands, but we can’t go back to business as usual.”  Murphy claims the COVID-19 pandemic exposed a deeply unfair status quo and pledges to build a new socialist system for the state of New Jersey in the aftermath of the pandemic.

New Direction NJ and Murphy are now exploiting the pandemic to push a liberal agenda upon the people of New Jersey.

Here are some of the things the pandemic has changed forever according to the group.

• Standing up to Trump’s attempts to gut affordable healthcare

• Driving down insurance costs- one of the most successful efforts in the country

• Funding Planned Parenthood

• Fully funding our public schools

• Expanding Pre-K

• Starting tuition free community college

• Demanding millionaires pay their fair share to take the burden off the middle class

• Increasing the minimum wage

• Ending tax breaks for companies that don’t create jobs – supporting businesses that do

• Investing in infrastructure – rebuilding NJTransit

• Standing up to the gun lobby

• Working to limit the size of ammo clips

• Fostering smart gun technology

• Going after out of state gun sellers that allow their weapons to be illegally shipped to New Jersey

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