Brief: Former Twitter CEO Says Capitalists Are Going to Be Lined Up and Shot During the Revolution

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on Wednesday said capitalists are going to be the first group of people to be lined up and executed during the “revolution” that is occurring across America saying, “Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution. I’ll happily provide video commentary.”

Costolo faced immediate and stern criticism for his comment, which promotes the execution of people for political disagreement.

“WTF? Sounds like you’ve reading a little too much Mao and Stalin and Castro and it’s gone to your head,” one Twitter user responded.

“Gee, who wouldn’t want to join a company where such free-thinking deep thoughts as opponents being “lined up against the wall and shot” are openly discussed and debated?” said American Capitalist.

Some went as far as saying Costolo, an anti-gun advocate exposes the left’s reasoning for disarming America, so it can execute dissenters.

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“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money (or people to shoot),” wrote another Twitter user.

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