Trump Condemned Jackson Township Discrimination of Orthodox Jews Shortly Before Finding Out He Tested Positive for COVID-19


BEDMINSTER, NJ – Hours before alerting the world that he had tested positive for COVID-19, President Donald J. Trump met with some of his biggest financial donors, including Dr. Richard Roberts, of Lakewood outside at his Bedminister Golf Course.  Dr. Roberts was one of approximately two dozen top-level Republican donors to pay the minimum $250,000 entry fee to attend the event, though Roberts said he made a larger contribution to financially support the President’s bid for re-election.  Roberts said he will also be making a sizable donation to the National Republican Congressional Committee to support Republican candidates seeking to flip the U.S. House of Representatives this fall.

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Roberts today said security was very tight and a lengthy COVID-19 testing protocol was used to gain access to the 45-minute private meeting with the President.

After speaking to the delegation about the importance of religious freedoms in America, Trump told Roberts he was pleased to see that Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice were following through on a lawsuit against Jackson Township public officials.   Trump said he was aware of the ongoing litigation against Mayor Michael Reina and other township officials and that he was against any type of religious discrimination in America.

Other topics discussed by Trump at the Bedminister meeting included trade with China, the COVID-19 virus, and the economy.

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Trump said that political operatives were working to slow down his vaccine approvals, but said America can expect as many as four or five vaccine approvals in the next two months, even with all of the interference being ran against him by Democrats and opponents.

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Hours after the meeting Trump announced he and his wife Melania tested positive for COVID-19.  Roberts said he will be monitoring his health over the next few days and has no symptoms, but will quarantine himself as a precaution. Roberts tested negative hours before meeting with the President.

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In Jackson Township, the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Jackson Township officials and last week, we learned that an FBI investigation is ongoing, possibly tied to the DOJ civil litigation. Field agents at the regional New Jersey FBI office have been interviewing individuals regarding the topic.

Photo: The entrance to Trump’s Bedminister Golf Club meeting of political donors.

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