Trump to New Jersey Donors: Bombshell Document Release Imminent Regarding DOJ, Obama Administration

BEDMINSTER, NJ – On Thursday, hours before learning he had contracted COVID-19, President Donald Trump told a group of wealthy campaign donors that the federal government will soon be releasing a “bombshell” document release that he claims proves the Obama administration and the Obama Department illegally meddled in the 2016 Presidential election.   Trump told supporters those documents will show that the Obama administration used the Department of Justice and other law enforcement agencies to illegally conspire to block the President from becoming elected and continued to work to undermine the President during his first term in office.

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“A bomb shell document release is coming about documents from the government about improper use of law enforcement and power of the presidency under President Obama to conspire to block President Trump from getting elected and to undermine his campaign,” one attendee at the meeting said today. “A major release of documents is coming very soon.”

Tickets to the 45-minute personal sit down with the President started at $250,000 per head.   Trump did not mention President Obama by name to the group.

Shortly after the meeting, Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19.


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