Is Joe Biden’s Sometimes Bizarre Behavior a Sign of Dementia?

A top geriatrics expert says claims that Joe Biden is suffering from dementia or senility is flat out wrong.  Last week, Brit Hume blamed Biden’s often forgetful rants have nothing to do with his age. According to Politifact, it’s unlikely.

“Elderly people experiencing memory loss and other problems associated with age can go for periods, for hours at a time and be just fine,” Hume said of Biden. “I don’t think there’s  any doubt Biden’s senile, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to show up tonight. … And now that the expectations for him have been set so low, you know if he comes out and doesn’t drool and gets through everything pretty well it could end up being quite a boost for him.”

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Experts have disagreed with Hume’s assessment.

“It’s a shameful display of ageism and ignorance,” said Donald Jurivich, Eva Gilbertson Distinguished Professor of Geriatrics and Chairman of Geriatrics at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences in a recent Politifact, fact check against Hume.

Recently,  a clip from a C-Span interview shows Biden answering a question, then interrupting himself to introduce Jill Biden, his wife.

“That’s my wife Jill, hey Jilly, I’m Jill’s husband actually,” he said.

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