5 Reasons to Paint Your Halloween Pumpkin Instead of Carving It

by Jamie Josephs

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, you’ll notice many of your neighbors decorating their front porch and home exterior with scary spiderwebs, scarecrows, skeletons and just about anything and everything spooky.

Along with all those new-fangled state of the art and traditional Halloween decorations (like lights, ghosts & goblins), no front porch Halloween decoration display would ever be totally complete without the traditional American Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins. But are there all that many folks who truly enjoy the whole messy pumpkin carving experience?

This Autumn, why not try to paint a Halloween pumpkin for your Jack-O-Lantern display? You’ll likely be surprised that once you try painting a pumpkin, you’ll probably never go back to carving your pumpkins again.

Now presenting, my top 5 reasons why you should skip pumpkin carving and learn how to paint a Halloween pumpkin this year instead…

1) Pumpkin Painting is really easy to learn

Just about anyone can quickly learn how to expertly paint amazingly impressive pumpkin designs without much work involved at all. Even young children will enjoy and have fun painting their own personal pumpkins and will feel a real sense of pride when you proudly display their little pumpkin creations on your front porch right along with your expert painted pumpkins. Plus, pumpkin painting doesn’t limit you to what you can create. Many times, carving can make it very difficult to create more than just a basic outline design.

2) Pumpkin Painting is Safe with no knives or sharp cutting tools

Who likes dealing with sharp knives, saws and other pumpkin carving tools? Probably nobody. Plus, knives are dangerous (especially with younger ones) and give you very little control over the more intricate pumpkin design patterns you may want to create. There’s just only so much design freedom when you’re using a big, sharp blade to cut through almost an inch thick of pumpkin flesh. Pumpkin painting is safer and easier and allows even you’re littlest Halloween enthusiast to participate in the pumpkin painting fun.

3) Less mess. No pumpkin guts splattered everywhere

I absolutely hate the whole pumpkin guts mess thing. Once you finally work your way through sawing the top off your gourd, then it’s a sloppy, slimy chore of scraping and pulling all the pumpkin slop and goo out. It takes a lot of time and always makes a big mess no matter how careful you are. Add kids to the mix and you’re scrubbing your table, walls and floors for weeks not to mention picking up pumpkin seeds until Christmas.

4) Your painted pumpkins will outlast a carved pumpkin by many weeks

While carved Jack-o-Lanterns can sometimes get saggy, mushy, stinky and rotten in a couple weeks if the weather’s warm, a painted pumpkin design can and will last a month or even two! You can enjoy your pumpkin painting masterpieces right up through Thanksgiving. And when you paint your pumpkins, you can even paint new pumpkins FOR the Thanksgiving holiday. No so with carving. A carved pumpkin on your Thanksgiving dinner table just wouldn’t look right.

5) Pumpkin Painting is really fun, for anyone of any age.

Everyone in your family can have fun painting pumpkins this Halloween. It’s a great family activity everyone can enjoy. Mom’s, Dad’s and kids of all ages can participate in the pumpkin painting fun. And little ones can really enjoy getting creative and expressing themselves in designing their little pumpkin masterpieces.

Go ahead and give it a shot. Skip the pumpkin carving this Fall and instead, paint a Halloween pumpkin this year. I guarantee you’ll have a ton of fun, you and your kids will really enjoy the experience, and you’ll create some awesome pumpkin painting designs so that you’ll probably never want to go back to carving your Jack-O-Lanterns again!

Painting pumpkins is a unique alternative to the old time tradition of pumpkin carving. Pumpkin painting patterns and designs are unlimited and painted pumpkins will endure significantly longer than carved Jack-O-Lantern. While these benefits by themselves are perfect reasons to try painting your Halloween pumpkins this year, there are other benefits too. Become a pumpkin painting expert at:

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1581193 Photo by Craig Dimmick on Unsplash

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