Republican Senate Candidate Rik Mehta Attended Trump Bedminster Event and Refuses to Quarantine Himself

BEDMINSTER, NJ – President Donald J. Trump last week came to Bedminster, New Jersey after being tested positive for COVID-19.  This weekend, nearly one dozen staffers and individuals who came in contact with the President have also contracted COVID-19.  That list includes Republican party A-listers, including Melania Trump, Chris Christie, Kayleigh McEnany, Ronna McDaniels and others.

In response, Governor Phil Murphy, to his credit, ordered immediate contact tracing measures to ensure nobody at that event was infected, and if they were, they would be notified and asked to quarantine for 14 days as a precaution.

Mehta, who is now grasping for straws of relevance as he is being beaten into submission by his opponent Cory Booker called Murphy a fearmonger.  Mehta was one of those people who were at Trump’s Bedminster event and said he will not quarantine and continue his flailing campaign against Booker.

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“The governor is melodramatic, and the governor has made this into a political issue,” Mehta said. “The fear-mongering needs to stop.”

Mehta said he is not going to quarantine and continue campaigning.   He said he was forty feet away from the President at the Bedminster event and said he won’t be sidelined for 14 days, saying the Governor should also quarantine for 14 days after his visit to Lakewood.

“I don’t even know who Rik Mehta is, but I saw that he said that,” Murphy said in response, pulling the ‘non-factor’ card on the Republican candidate.  “I think literally, and I don’t think this is the first statement that he’s made that I would say this, but certainly this one qualifies. I think that statement should disqualify him from seeking public office.”

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COVID-19 is Mehta’s least concern during his campaign as he continues to trail 20 points behind Booker in the polls and has just $18,000 cash on hand, with $300,000 in campaign debt, according to his last Federal Election Commission filing.