Haines Video Gets 12 Views on County’s Unwatched You Tube Channel

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Did you know Ocean County produces high quality, productions featuring our local elected leaders and community information?  No?  Neither did we or any of the people we spoke to about this, even some within our county government.   Last month, a video was produced and televised by the Ocean County public information offices to promote Freeholder Ginny Haines’ historic preservation plan.  Only 12 people watched the video.

The same results were found on most other videos.  For the many residents of the county who do not have local cable, who have cut the cord and gone to streaming or satellite broadcast services, they’re not seeing those videos.  Most people don’t want the local town or school run public access channels the videos run on either.  Most videos published by the county since the YouTube channel was launched have under 20 videos.

The Ocean County government spends millions of dollars annually on a large team or public information officers to produce propaganda-style news content, but few are seeing that news across the county.   So, now you know, head on over to Youtube and check out the Ocean County channel.


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