FBI Investigating Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina


JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – Shore News Network has now confirmed with multiple sources that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina.  The investigation is being headed out of the agency’s Red Bank field office by Special Agent Sean McCarthy.  McCarthy is the agent that investigated and headed the case against former Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore in 2018.   Multiple people in and around Jackson have now confirmed that they have been questioned by the FBI about the actions of Reina related to land development and possible influence peddling.   The FBI has refused to publicly acknowledge this investigation.

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Reina has had hands-on involvement in many development application approvals and denials in the past couple of years, including allegedly instructing planning and zoning boards on how to vote for applications.  Reina has also been accused of using his political influence to help contractors, developers and builders of projects get approval and in some cases, zoning changes to allow the construction of projects that may not otherwise have been possible.  On the flip side, Reina has been accused of hindering applications of political opponents and competitors of his allied developers and builders in the town.

Reina is also being sued by the Department of Justice in civil court for violations of religious civil liberties.  Attorney General William Barr heads that case against Reina and the Township of Jackson.  At this time, the FBI has not filed any charges in the ongoing investigation. Prior to announcing he had COVID-19 President Donald J. Trump acknowledged the federal civil case in Jackson and supported Attorney General Barr’s decision to file charges in Jackson.

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