Lakewood Township Mobilizes Public Works to Sanitize Howell Township Parks


HOWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ – Howell Township Business Manager Brian Geoghegan, who actually lives in Toms River, has announced that he will be partnering with nearby Lakewood Township to sanitize parks across Howell days after he made the unilateral decision to shut down all of the parks.  When Geoghegan ordered that complete shutdown, he also shut down youth sports in the township.  Since his announcement, the township has overruled Geoghegan’s order and sports teams are once again allowed to play in Howell, but Geoghegan entered into an agreement with Lakewood Township to assist Howell in cleaning the parks and sanitizing them for reopening to the general public.

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What does this mean when Lakewood Township residents’ tax dollars are now being used to clean a neighboring community’s park?  The cry from the public after the closure was to keep Howell parks for Howell residents, but that’s illegal under New Jersey law.  Now as Lakewood Township takes a vested interest in the maintenance of Howell Township parks, residents will be seeing Lakewood Department of Works vehicles around Howell Township.

“The township of Lakewood has agreed to mobilize some of its own DPW, so you will see Lakewood trucks in some of our parks,” Geoghegan said. “Once our parks are sanitized, we anticipate re-opening them to passive recreation; this should occur in the next several days.”

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Geoghegan is allied with Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill. Earlier this year, Geoghegan sold his family business, a restaurant in Bayville to a Lakewood Township-based investor, and his brother Kevin Geoghegan’s political campaign was heavily funded by the law firm of Dasti, McGuckin and Murphy, who serves as the Lakewood Township Zoning Board attorney.  While these ties might appear questionable, they are probably just a coincidence and means nothing.

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