Florida Runaway Teen Claims Man Tried to “Hug” Her After Hitching Ride to Gas Station


HERNANDO COUNTY, FL – A 13-year-old girl at a local gas station approached a deputy regarding an individual who she claims was following her, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department reported today. The girl indicated she initially got a ride to the gas station from the individual. Prior to arriving at the gas station, she said the man grabbed her arm and attempted to persuade her to get into his vehicle. She said he eventually let go and she ultimately decided to get into his vehicle. While riding in the vehicle, she said the man tried to hug her. The man denied touching the girl. During the investigation, deputies discovered the girl had recently run away from home. The girl’s parents responded to the scene and took the girl home. The incident remains under investigation.

Photo by JFernandez on Unsplash

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