10 Halloween Costumes That Might Offend Your Woke Neighbors in 2020

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Halloween has always been the time of year to dress up, push the limits a little with costumes, and have a great time.  People sometimes go all-in for Halloween, including decorating their homes, their cars for trunk-or-treat events, experiencing haunts and hayrides, but the big day culminates with your Halloween costume.  Most years, there’s usually a large Halloween costume or local town event to show off your creation, but with COVID-19 things have changed.  Health officials warn against large indoor parties and now are even making recommendations for a safe, virus-free Halloween.  Here are 10 Halloween costumes you probably shouldn’t wear in 2020 in our new world where a heightened state of oversensitivity has taken over society.

COVID-19 Virus Costume

With COVID-19 so prevalent in some areas of the country, particularly the northeast, friends and family members probably won’t appreciate it a trick-or-treater shows up at the door in a  COVID-19 virus costume.   220,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and while many in the country claim it’s not as serious as it’s being made out to be, it’s still probably not a good idea to roam the streets mocking a virus that might have killed somebody’s family members or friends.

A virus costume is not a good idea, even if it is a President Trump virus costume, maybe even a worse idea for a night of fun.

General Lee or any Confederate Soldier Costume

The civil war is raging on today, but this time the debate is one whether to erase American’s Confederate history or preserve it as a memorial to a not-so-good past embroiled in slavery and oppression of an entire race.  While slavery and the south were finally defeated by the Union, the ugly remnants of the Confederate Republicans remain.  There are costumes for kids and adults to dress up as Confederate soldiers and generals, but this year, it’s probably not a great choice.  You might want to skip the Confederate soldier costume in 2020.  In fact, some party stores are voluntarily trashing their inventories after a woman complaining about them went viral in early October.

President Trump Costume

Let’s face it, we all love to take aim at our President, whether you’re a Democrat and it’s Donald Trump or you’re a Democrat and it’s Barack Obama.  Barack Obama’s masks were a huge hit during his eight years in office and nobody was offended.  Now, if you go out in a Trump mask, it’s a no-win situation.  If you’re mocking the President, Trump supporters will be offended.  If you’re supporting the President, Democrats will be offended.  Either way, it could lead to more razor blades and pins in your candy treats.

Christopher Columbus Costume

The hate Christopher Columbus generated in 2020 is rivaled to few.  Across the country, protesters tore down statues of the man who sailed the ocean blue way back in 1492.  While, sure, Columbus never actually discovered America, he remains today an icon of Italian American culture.  After his native Italy refused to subsidize his voyages, he found support from Las Reina, Isabella, the Queen of Spain.  You might get some doors shut in your face if you knock on doors for trick-or-treat candy at homes displaying Biden-Harris signs because their party is calling for the abolition of Columbus Day and a Christopher Columbus costume is sure to trigger them.

Afro Wig/Black Face Costumes

Afro wigs and black faces have been frowned up on as costumes for several years now as they represent cultural insensitivity to African Americans.  Now, what was once a few odd stares or a dirty look, the ramifications for the black face could earn you a spot on the nightly news, a viral video, or worse, you can lose your job over it.  Even if you intend to wear black face to honor an African American hero such as Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King, you might want to think twice about using that face makeup and just find another way to honor these black cultural heroes.   While the black face was never “cool”, it’s now just downright insulting and offensive.  You can even buy costumes with an afro wig and a pimp costume…definitely don’t because this would create the impression that African Americans with afros are pimps…it’s just wrong.  It used to be acceptable as a gag costume, but in 2020 it could land you in some serious trouble.

Mexican Bandito Costume

Illegal immigration is at the heart of almost any partisan debate on social acceptance in America these days.  What is legal immigration versus illegal immigration?  There’s such a heightened level of sensitivity around the entire thing that you definitely want to reconsider any ethnically based costumes, particularly those that portray Mexican Americans in a negative light.  Although former President Barack Obama originally decried illegal immigration from Mexico, today, there is a movement to completely open the borders between America and Mexico.  “Is any human being illegal?” is the war-cry of those who staunchly defend open borders. Whether or not you think this costume is cute or funny, the fact is, somebody on the other side of one of the doors you knock on might not think so or agree with you. Definitely don’t wear the Mexican bandito costume this year and definitely forget the Speedy Gonzales costume, another culturally insensitive character of the previous generations.

Native American Indian Costume

Native American people were traditionally called Indians because early explorers to the New World actually thought they were in the West Indies.  The Native American’s history from that moment on has been wrought with pain and suffering as tribes were displaced to make room for white European settlers over the next three hundred years.   While politicians like Elizabeth Warren claim they are Native American in order to get the perks our nation offers indigenous peoples, dressing up as a native American is not a good idea in 2020.  Like other cultures, that native American culture is trying to take back, at least socially, their dignity ripped away by the ‘white man’. This year, the NFL Washington Redskins, after years of debate, renamed their team to the “Washington Football Team”.  Take our advice, leave the Indian costume in the closet this year and in the future.

American Flag Themed Costume

The American flag has always been our symbol of freedom and liberty, but in 2020, it was transformed into a fascist icon of American superiority by the left. Schools have hidden their flags, the national anthem has ceased in many parts of the country and God forbid you publicly pledge your allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.  You never know when you might knock on a door and your trick or treat turns into a screaming and raging over the triggering you created by proudly displaying your American flag costume.  2020 rules suggest you skip it and opt for something more neutral and less offending.

CDC – Infectious Disease Costume

With a year that has seen death and the spread of the Chinese originated COVID-19, you might think your CDC or biohazard themed infectious disease costume is cute and sassy, but in reality, COVID-19 is no laughing matter.  A knock on the door of  family affected by COVID-19 could trigger a bad flashback of losing their loved one.  Hospital workers and COVID-19 testing facility workers are decked out in protective gear to protect themselves from the deadly virus, so think twice before triggering a bad memory of a family that lost an elderly loved one, perhaps when a Democrat governor sent infected patients into nursing homes.  The virus in those homes in states like New York and New Jersey rampantly spread, killing tens of thousands.  A virus ppe costume is just not worth it this year.  The best costumes use real PPE, so leave those for the people who need them.

Police Officer Costume

One of the biggest DON’Ts of 2020 are the police officer costume.  For our entire existence, police officers have been revered as the heroes of civilian society.  They are men and women who risk their lives day in and day out to keep our communities safe. In 2020, that depiction has been radically altered by the left.  Police officers are now viewed by many on the left as fascists and nazis and calls to defund them are discussed in large and small government all around the country.  Wearing a police costume could let your liberal friends know that you support America and the police department.  That might lead them to the conclusion that you also support President Donald J. Trump.  It’s not worth putting yourself and your children in the crossfire of deranged people who might then want to find you cause harm.  It’s 2020, no matter how much you love the police, maybe it’s time to be a firefighter this year instead…after much research there’s not much hate against firefighters…yet.