Ocasio-Cortez Goes Hog Wild Claire McCaskill on Democrat Party After Election

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QUEENS, NY – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an ax to grind with her fellow Democrats and since winning her own re-election on Tuesday, she’s gone hog wild against her fellow Democrats, today targeting a former Democrat U.S. Senator.

Today, AOC lashed out against Claire McCaskill, a former Democrat Senator from Missouri who lost her re-election bid.

“Whether you are talking guns or…abortion…or gay marriage and rights for ‘transexuals’ and other people who we as a party ‘look after’ and make sure they are treated fairly. As we circled the issues we left voters behind and Republicans dove in,” McCaskill posted on Twitter.

Claws out, AOC dove right in.

“Why do we listen to people who lost elections as if they are experts in winning elections? McCaskill tried her approach. She ran as a caravan-hysteria Dem& lost while grassroots organizers won progressive measures in MO. Her language here shows how she took her base for granted,” the feisty former barista said.

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