Why Are Toms River Politicians Lining Up Behind Convicted Leader of Local Hate Group that Creates Cartoons of Naked Boys Holding Sex Toys?


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Mayor Maurice Hill has been a strong advocate and defender of his town’s Orthodox Jewish community.  In 2019, his running mates Kevin Geoghegan, a retired police officer, Josh Kopp and Matt Lotano, a developer received the unwavering support of the town’s growing Jewish population.  The community rallied behind Hill and Geohegan, donating tens of thousands of dollars to their political campaign in 2019.   In fact, Mayor Hill and Kevin Geohegan are so firmly entrenched in being supporters of the township’s newest residents, they are working overtime to overturn a decades-old ordinance that prevents the construction of Synagogues on lots smaller than 10 acres.

Mo Hill celebrating his 2019 election with leaders of the Toms River and Lakewood Jewish Community

Together, with the “VAAD” of Toms River, a coalition of Jewish community leaders who go by the name of the Toms River Jewish Community Council, Hill, Geoghegan, Lotano and Kopp are seeking to work with the Justice Department to force that law to be overturned.  Last year, Mo Hill went to the Justice Department on his own free will to notify the federal government that the town had an ordinance that restricted the town’s Jewish residents’ ability to build new synagogues.

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Hill is being helped by his campaign transition leader and now Toms River Township Attorney Gregory P. McGuckin to overturn the ban on religious houses of worship that is preventing the construction of synagogues on parcels as small as two acres.  It’s a noble cause that has brought Hill, McGuckin, Geoghegan, Lotano and Kopp criticism from a small segment of the Toms River community that wants to keep the law the way it is.

Now, members of the Jewish community are wondering why Hill, McGuckin, Geohegan and McGuckin are cozying up with the leader of a failed hate group and convicted fraudster Richard Ciullo.

Ciullo, who was sentenced to jail earlier this year for committing check fraud in his now failed “anti-Trump” marketing business runs a group that focuses on stopping the Jewish spread into Toms River, Jackson and Howell.  Ciullo’s Jewish hate group has been condemned by New Jersey Governor Philip Dunton Murphy, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and the entire Republican Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders as harboring hate and antisemitism against the county’s Jewish community.


A photo of Mayor Mo Hill with one of his largest campaign donors Scott Gartner. This photo was condemned by Hill who did not want it to be released or used in campaign literature by his opponents in 2019. Hill, Lotano, Geoghegan, Kopp and the town council eventually censured the candidate who shared it.

Although Ciullo’s hate group has been kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other platforms several times, he keeps coming back and restarting his hate on other pages he runs.  Those pages are followed and shared by Mayor Hill, Assemblyman McGuckin, Councilman Kevin Geoghegan and even his brother, Howell Township Business Administrator Brian Geoghegan.  The group of men who once sympathized with the plight of the Jewish community in Toms River, is now working hand in hand with Ciullo, helping him spread his messages, liking his hate filled posts, sharing them and even going as far as liking and sharing posts Ciullo creates depicting cartoon caricatures of young children, usually a boy, naked and often hold sex toys in his hand.

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It’s a very bizarre scenario unfolding in Toms River and a confusing message to send the people of Toms River.  On one hand they want to work closely with the Orthodox community that got them elected by overturning a zoning ordinance and taking large campaign contributions, while on the other hand, Mayor Hill, Kevin Geoghegan and no-show township attorney Greg McGuckin are spreading the hateful messages being produced daily by Ciullo, including those photos of young naked boys holding sex toys. You can read more about that here.

Mayor Hill has also been a contributor to Ciullo’s hate page, offering Ciullo an audience on local topics.  When questioned about his involvement, Hill said he went to Ciullo for a news story because none of the other newspapers would take it, regarding a Shore News Network article detailing his campaign contributions from the Orthodox Jewish Community in 2019.

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Now, what we find even more strange is after forming an alliance with Hill, Ciullo, the leader of the county’s largest anti-Jewish group fully supports Hill’s decision to overturn the 10 acre house of worship ban in favor of a two-acre ordinance that will allow residents to convert their North Dover homes into fully functioning synagogues.

We’re not 100% sure what the agenda is between this new political partnership between local convict Ciullo and the Republican party, but last week, we were told by multiple high level sources that Ciullo is being paid by the Ocean County GOP through a third party subsidiary, Monmouth County blogger Art Gallagher.  Gallagher denied that allegation, but received $4,000 from Ocean County GOP Chairman George Frank Holman.  Gallagher said Holman and Toms River Republicans did approach him and offer him money to launch a website to attack Shore News Network, but said he turned down that offer.   Gallagher earned nearly $100,000 in 2019 running the media and marketing arm of Mo Hill’s political campaign.

We’ll keep following this odd story as it unfolds to see where it’s going.