Trump Goes on Twitter Rampage Against Fox News, Retweeting Newsmax Posts #Fexit?

2 mins read

The “Fexit” movement is on as millions of conservatives leave Fox News in favor of Newsmax.  We reported earlier today and shortly after our report, President Donald J. Trump joined the party.

Trump retweeted a series of tweets by Twitter users who claim to have switched from Fox News to Newsmax in the past week.

Here are tweets shared by the President:

  • Fox has been completely unfair and untruthful. Moving to Newsmax.
  • Newsmax and Oann are great alternatives
  • Quite right. They’ve been a disaster since the election day. DT has not been given any chance by a clearly corrupt media.
  • Hey old Fox News lovers… go to Newsmax… last least they are trying to be honest
  • Suit yourself Left Fox 4 NewsMaxxxxx
  • #foxnews is dead
  • I’ve been a loyal FOX viewer for many years, until now. Tucker, Hannity and Laura should leave while they can. FOX is pandering to left now and it’s ovvious.
  • I just downloaded Newsmax
  • His response says everything. NEWSMAX and OANN are all we got for now
  • Like it or not Fox News tried to persuade an election. Wether they did or not I don’t know but the intent was definitely there. I’ll never watch the channel again.
  • Newsmax was the big winner election night. Fox lost many loyal viewers to them and have now discovered a new conservative home.
  • No Doubt. fox news ran 24/7 in our home for the past 7 yrs. It has not been on the past 7 Days straight. @ News Max Is Where We Go All!!! FOX IS ALL ABOUT CELEBRITY LIKE JOURNALISM!!! AND EVERYONE HAS A BOOK. SM