Brick Mayor John Ducey Talks About Police Funding, Success in Drug Enforcement

Police making an arrest- Stock Photo - Bigstock Photo

BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ – Brick Township is one of many shore area communities being targeted by out-of-town drug dealers and today, another critical arrest of a Lakewood based drug dealer operating in town was reported.  The arrest is part of a larger scale operation, says Brick Mayor John Ducey.   Ducey, a Democrat, said he and his township are fully committed to providing necessary funding to the township’s police departments, in particular, the department’s street crimes unit which is involved in eradicating the illegal drug trade in the township.

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Over the past two months, Brick Township police and regional law enforcement partners, including the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office have made numerous key arrests of individuals dealing drugs and involved in gang-related activities.

Ducey today was accused of wanting to defund the police, since he is a Democrat, but he said that he doesn’t share that platform championed by radical elements of the party.  Ducey said his goal is to provide the police department with all of the resources it needs to ensure that they can not only keep Brick safe, but to work to make the township drug free.

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“One of the commitments I make as a mayor is to fully staff our police department,” Ducey said, adding that it allows the department to fully staff selective enforcement programs.


Today we asked Ducey about his plan to curb the problem and the success it has had so far. Here’s what he had to say: