Pierce County SWAT team successfully disarms man who tried to force suicide by cop

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TACOMA, WA -At 7:25 a.m. on Wednesday December 2, 2020, our domestic violence investigators went to a residence in the 24200 block of 46th Ave E to attempt to arrest a suspect for 7 counts of violating a no contact order. The suspect was recently released from jail for a Domestic Violence Assault in the 2nd degree incident, and since his release he violated a protection order with the victim multiple times.

Deputies saw the suspect come to a window and attempted to talk to him, but he refused to come outside or address them.

Our negotiators and SWAT Team were called out to assist in getting the male to come out peacefully. Deputies used multiple means to contact the suspect and they could not reach him. During the standoff the suspect was sending messages to friends threatening to harm himself and to try to force deputies to kill him.

After several hours of not hearing from or seeing the suspect, the SWAT Team forced open the front door but remained outside. The suspect came to the hallway armed with a knife and was threatening the deputies. The suspect retreated into the home and deputies continued to try to work on getting him to surrender.

As their call outs to the suspect still went unanswered, deputies were eventually able use a robot to see that he had harmed himself and needed medical assistance. The SWAT Team immediately entered the home and provided medical aid to the suspect. Paramedics were standing by on scene and called in to help with lifesaving measures.

The 40 year old male suspect was transported to a local area hospital with serious injuries, and shortly after 1pm he passed away from his injuries.