Watch as CNN employees are caught conspiring to create fake media narratives against Trump

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If Walter Cronkite was alive today, he probably wouldn’t recognize what his media profession has become, especially if he worked at CNN and had to listen to a conference call between the network’s executives and news writers.   In that meeting, CNN Senior Vice President and Managing Director Cynthia Hudson said the network needed to counter the narrative that in Florida that Cubans are supporting Trump.  She said it was terrifying that Cubans supported Trump and the network needed to counter that narrative with, what else, fake news.  Later in the call CNN President Jeff Zucker said Trump is a national security threat.  CNN, instead of speaking about the embarrassing incident that would be a  major scandal if it happened at Fox News, the network instead said it was going to refer Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe to the FBI for a possible criminal investigation.

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