Calvert County K-9 Edo Passes After 9 Year Career with Sheriff’s Department

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CALVERT CO., MD – A 9-year veteran K-9 with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department, K-9 Edo passed away this weekend.  Edo was a European import German Shepherd/Malinois mix that was purchased from a vendor in North Carolina during the summer of 2011. K-9 Edo entered patrol class in the fall of 2011, graduating after 18 weeks in the early part of 2012. K-9 Edo was assigned with Cpl. Morgan to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Bureau. Edo was certified in tracking, evidence article search, building/area search, criminal apprehension, and CDS detection.

“It is with great sadness that the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office has to announce the passing of K-9 Edo. K-9 Edo was the partner to Cpl. Jamie Morgan and served the agency from 2011 to his untimely passing on Dec. 4, 2020,” Sheriff Mike Evans said, announcing the passing.  “Edo was responsible for numerous criminal and CDS apprehensions during his career. “
According to Sheriff Evans, one of the highlights of K-9 Edo’s career was responding to a burglary in progress complaint. Upon arrival, Cpl. Morgan and K-9 Edo searched the residence for the suspects. After searching the residence with negative results, they went outside and attempted to locate a track. K-9 Edo was able to locate a track that went into the woods to the rear of the house. K-9 Edo tracked the suspects for a mile into the woods where they were able to locate and apprehend two suspects.
“K-9 Edo was a great partner to Cpl. Morgan and a great asset to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office,” the department said. “K-9 Edo will be missed by the Morgan family and the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office.”
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