Lacey Police Chief DiBella Delivers Christmas for Walmart Shoppers in Lanoka Harbor

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LACEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – Lacey Township Police Chief Michael DiBella spread holiday joy early this year as he handed out $50 gift cards to shoppers, courtesy of the Lacey Municipal Police Foundation and Walmart.

On Saturday, December 5, 2020, the Lacey Municipal Police Foundation, Walmart of Lanoka Harbor, and Lacey Police Department, provided $50 Walmart gift cards randomly to shoppers as they paid for their merchandise at Walmart. The gift cards were used toward their total purchase. The gift cards were purchased by the Lacey Municipal Police Foundation and Walmart, and are being used to spread a little bit of cheer this Holiday season. Additionally, a select amount of gift cards are also being provided to a list of families in need right here in Lacey Township.