Madison Police find stolen handgun in diaper bag at traffic stop

MADISON, WI – Police in Madison initiated a traffic stop after a vehicle was spotted driving 21 miles per hour above the posted speed limit.  Officers were shocked to find an 18 year old driver with an infant in the car and a stolen handgun in the baby’s diaper bag.  A stolen handgun was found in a diaper bag this morning after officers, working traffic enforcement, stopped a car going 21 mph over the speed limit on N. Whitney Way. The driver, Kevin L. Canady, Jr., age 18, Madison, had two passengers with him, including an infant. Canady will be facing numerous tentative charges after officers confiscated the stolen handgun, 22 packages containing nearly 74 grams of marijuana, a scale, and $2,000. Canady was also cited for the speeding violation.

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