Euclid Karen didn’t want to pay for her salty lobster Dinner at Boiler 65, leaves with criminal charge instead


EUCLID, OH – After Karen scoffed down and entire $69 lobster dinner at Boiler 65, she wasn’t happy and wanted to speak to a manager. Police here were called after Karen up the ante after not getting her way with the restaurant’s manager.   Police were dispatched on Saturday for the escalating dispute in the restaurant.

A woman argued that her $69 lobster dinner was too salty and didn’t wish to pay for it,” Euclid police said. “Management contested that if the woman was dissatisfied with the taste of the lobster she should have asked for it to be returned to the kitchen and not consume the meal in its entirety.”

Karen was sent on her way and charged for criminally trespassing at the establishment, most likely a larger sum to pay than the $69 she stiffed Boiler 65 out of.

Here’s what also happened this weekend in Euclid…

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Officers were dispatched to a residence on Stilmore for a suicidal male that had sliced his wrist. Upon arrival, officers observed the male leap out of window and onto the rooftop. Officers ran through the house and onto the rooftop. They were able to convince the male to come back inside and go to a nearby hospital with the South Euclid Fire Department.

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A man allegedly threated to “shoot this b***h up” at Zoup after the employee who took his order wouldn’t wipe down excess soup from around his cup after she filled it. The man left the scene on foot, however, officers found him at a nearby bar, where he denied making the claim. He was told not to come back in for the night

A Euclid Police Officer assisted SEFD at a kitchen fire at Mayflower Condominiums. No injuries were reported and the damage was minor.