Governor Phil Murphy Redefining the Definition of Criminal in New Jersey


TRENTON, NJ –  In the name of COVID-19, thousands of convicted inmates in New Jersey’s prison system during the COVID-19 pandemic.  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his administration have told the public this is for their own good as these reformed criminals, many on the last leg of their sentence were released into the public, many also having COVID-19.  Illegal aliens in New Jersey have been given a safe haven in New Jersey.  Entering America illegally is no longer a criminal act…until you commit a criminal act, but even then, New Jersey’s laws prohibit local sheriffs and police departments from notifying federal authorities once an illegal alien has committed a crime in the Garden State.

Now, Governor Murphy is decriminalizing marijuana and hallucinogenic “magic mushrooms”.   In New Jersey this past spring, violent criminal behavior was on full display in several cities during the George Floyd riots.  Those were just peaceful protesters according to Murphy.

Instead, the real criminals these days in New Jersey are small business owners clamoring for their right to stay in business without government interruption.  The real criminals are also those who question the executive orders, over 100 of them, enacted by Murphy since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Criminals in New Jersey are the ones who stand on the State House steps yelling for change and pleading for a more reasonable reaction to COVID-19.   Criminals are bar owners who serve drinks past 10 pm or restaurant owners who allow a patron a few extra minutes to finish their cheesecake dessert at 10:05 pm after dinner. The new criminals of New Jersey are gym owners who offer their customers a place to stay in shape and workout during the pandemic lockdowns instituted by the Governor.  They are also the people who invited grandma to Thanksgiving dinner, knowing they already had 10 people on the invite list. Criminals are youth hockey families who want to get in some indoor ice time this winter.   They are soccer, baseball, and softball players who want to get in some winter training indoors as the cold weather sets in.

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Criminals are not the governors across America, including Murphy who violate their own COVID-19 lockdown rules. Criminals are not the ones who defraud the public and sentenced to jail but don’t serve because, well, they might get COVID-19 in jail. Criminals are not the ones now being issued citations and released at the scene because our state’s police officers know there’s no reason to bring them to jail because of COVID-19 and Murphy’s insane prison reform agenda.

That is the New Jersey we live in today. It’s an alternate reality supported by alternate facts dictated by a socialist Democrat who was elected to office in 2017.   Phil Murphy made no secret his plan to decriminalize criminal behavior when taking office.  He also made no secret about his plan to turn the tables against the hard-working middle and upper class of New Jersey when he took office.  Now, armed with COVID-19, he’s able to fast track his liberal socialist agenda in the name of science, health and public safety.

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We wish this story had a happy ending, but the reality is simple.  Murphy is empowered by a majority Demcorat state assembly and senate.  Republicans are not only unable to reverse the course or block a single action by Murphy, they also don’t want to.  They’re good at writing press releases and holding press conferences to condemn Murphy, but they don’t have any real plan right now to defeat Murphy.

Murphy will continue criminalizing the masses of New Jersey while offering shelter to his base. It’s what he has been doing since day one and there’s no way to stop him.


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